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On the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe, we set up active solidarity partnerships with other Guadeloupean associations, working for example in the field of ecology, integration, youth, sport, training, etc ... because acting is also work for and with others.

The Land of Guadeloupe has within it the best guarantor of its future: the women and men of the Islands of Guadeloupe. And it is naturally these Guadeloupean women and men that our association wants to help.

And each registered team will also be able to support the partner associations of Femina Adventure Guadeloupe through donations and / or additional actions.


On the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe, each committed team has the possibility, if they wish, to run for the cause that they wish to carry, enhance, support, promote and for which they will raise funds and actions.

You will be able to communicate about your commitment to the benefit of the charitable association through your participation in the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe. And for that you will have the possibility of fully using all the vectors offered by the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe..

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The projects we are carrying out have been developed under the seal of ecology for 30 years. We don't claim it, we just live it.

Ecology is part of our DNA. It’s a matrix that guides each of our actions. And this statement is nothing else than a simple declaration of good intention. Because one of our markers is the fact of seeking to organize a controlled, reasoned and eco-responsible race. We therefore constantly try to be proactive by choosing pragmatic and responsible choices.

The premise is always the same: look, analyze, and study the potential ecological impacts that a race in an natural area can create. And once the potential ecological impacts have been identified, pragmatic eco-responsible solutions must be provided.

Examples: no wild bivouac, signature by each participant of an eco-responsible charter, limitation of registrations, waste management ... the list goes on.

Our goal is that together, we can offer an extraordinary race while respecting the exceptional nature that Guadeloupe offers.

"We have not inherited this earth from our parents to do with it what we will. We have borrowed it from our children and we must be careful to use it in their interests as well as our own."


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Bringing each other together, encouraging mutual aid and sharing, promoting exchanges and conviviality, the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe is only conceived and practiced in large doses of humanity. And this is how Adventure takes on its full meaning.

Based on a sporting competition, the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe is an authentic human adventure between women who will very quickly become a real tribe.

Living an event as intense as the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe can only strengthen the links between each teammate but also between each team.

​On a race like the one we are proposing, it is not only victory that counts, but above all human relations. By surpassing each other, unshakable links will be created between each and this is what makes the adventure even more magical and unforgettable.

The mutual help of the participants, the comfort of the organizers and the warm welcome of the Guadeloupeans, make the Femina Adventure Guadeloupe a human race where everyone will come out grown up and amazed.


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